The Juke Box Kings

Casale Pizzeria, 216 N. Walnut St., Itasca, IL. 60143

Since The Shades are taking a break this week, I am filling in some calendar space my other project, THE JUKE BOX KINGS. It's hard to predict how much longer outdoor shows will be available, so we're squeezing in as many as we can. Cucina Casale has plenty of your favorite beverages to choose from, we're all under a tent with heaters (thank the Gods) and the tables are spaced apart nicely. Masks are required for those post-beverage excursions into the bar.

This is a line-up that will be playing a wide range of songs....some classic rock, some dance, some country, a little Motown and maybe even a little surf music. We're not even sure. Come out and help us decide what to play.

John Abbate - drums, vocals Chris Winters - guitar, vocals Mitch Marcus - guitar, vocals Mike Maloney - bass, backing vocals

Cucina Casale 216 N. Walnut St. Itasca

7 - 10 pm